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Biothane Trail Halter Bridle Pink and Purple
Biothane Sidepull Bitless Bridle Braided Rope nose Red
Beta Biothane Halter Bridle Pink and Blue
Pinto Arabian Horse, Biothane Bridle and Breast Collar.

All tack made by American Trail Gear is made with BioThane® webbing and is sealed and is fully waterproof, sewn with the horse's comfort in mind no folds on the inside, quality stitching and endless custom options. 

Other products include rope halters, tailing ropes, Handmade heavy duty saddle bags & Water bottle holders, Hay Bags, Water scoops & more.

Website is under construction, please shop for Custom American Trail Gear Products on our old site until we finish building this website, Thank you. 
Click on the images to shop for those items or click the shop  button:

Beta Biothane Rope Combo Reins Green
Heavy Duty Mesh Hay Bag
Racing Bridle Beta Biothane White


Rope Halter with Nose wrap Orange and white
Heavy Duty Durable Cordura Saddle Bags Cantle Pommel
Beta Biothane Padded Breast Collar Blue
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