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Padded Breast Collar - Teal & Apple Green Beta

Padded Breast Collar - Teal & Apple Green Beta

$140.00 Regular Price
$135.00Sale Price

1 1/2" Wide Padding is easy to clean but gives a wider area to disperse the weight when pulling up hills, approx 3" width.

This breast collar is designed to spread the pulling weight over a wider surface. 


All straps on this unit are adjustable with buckles and/or conways and snaps for the saddle and girth. 


This is a premade Padded Breast Collar 

Arabian Size

Color: Teal TE521 Beta BioThane® webbing, Beta® material With Apple Green GN525

Stainless Steel hardware upgrade


If you want to custom order please contact us or visit the shop page.

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