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Horse Blanket clip cover

Horse Blanket Clip Safety Covers


Simple Velcro covers that cover your horse's blanket clips to help prevent the clips/snaps from getting stuck on haynets etc.


Sold in Pairs.


This is an easy solution instead of wrapping the clips with vet wrap. This is especially usefull if you need to remove the blanket often.


I can make these in any size needed for your horse's blanket. I will need to know the size you need. Measure the length of the strap that will take up the whole strap to cover the snap/clip, As well as the strap width. These can be made for the T buckle style blankets as well. More pictures coming soon. Base color is Red, other colors are an upcharge due to being more expensive material.  If you want another color besides red let me know.


Email me with any questions.


*Due to the nature of horses this product is no guarantee of safety to prevent injuries*

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