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Glow in the dark Horse Tack

Glow In the Dark BioThane products


New BioThane offered! Glow in the dark Orange. 


This 3/4" wide Glow BioThane can be used for:

  • EZ-Fit Breast Collar: $115
  • Padded Breast Collar: $140
  • Halters:  $65
  • Snap on Bridle: $48
  • Halter Bridle: $110
  • Trail Halter Bridle: $110
  • Western Bridle:$48
  • Beta Combo Reins: $55
  • Bubble Grip Combo Reins: $65
  • Sue Combo Rop Reins:$60
  • Dog Collars:$30 
  • Horse Collars: Price varies on style

Stainless steel adds $10 to all items, Prices listed above are with Brass Hardware

& more on request


This material costs more as well is hard to sew so all products made with this Glow BioThane costs more.


Please contact me for special requests.


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