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Why we Love Flexboots

Performance – As endurance riders, we’ve tested Flex Boots over hundreds of miles and varied terrain including single track trails, graveled logging roads, mud and water including running currents and waves, and harder surfaces like asphalt and concrete. You can also ride on ice using the available studs to prevent slipping. In all of these rides, we’ve never had a Flex Boot twist or come off on its own (one did come off when it got caught on a stick coming out of a log – but even then, the strap was usable until getting a replacement strap!). Moreover, the only one we’ve worn through thus far was used extensively on asphalt – and it still provided enough protection to be used as a back-up! Of course, horses travel differently and it’s important to have a proper heel-toe landing to make boots last, but we couldn’t be happier with our own experiences with these boots.

Comfort – We’ve found that our horses love the comfort provided by the hoof capsule and gaiter. The thickness of the sole provides excellent protection while allowing rocks to fall out of the holes along the bottom. For even more comfort and protection for the sole of your horse’s feet, you can purchase soft, firm, or Kevlar inserts. The gaiter is made from soft neoprene that fits snugly but not tight, protecting your horse from rubs or galls. For gaiter-less riding, there are also glue-on versions!

Ease – Flex Boots are easy to size and put on – no mallet required! Simply slip the hoof capsule over your horse’s foot, then stretch and push the straps down over the metal buttons to attach the gaiter to the capsule and around the fetlock for an adjustable, secure fit. The two-strap design allows you to quickly and easily adjust what you need to in order to get things “just right”. They are more forgiving that other boots when it comes to fit and use – no worry about adjusting cables, or velcro coming undone in mud.

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